Your Website Displays Properly for Everyone

Have you ever visited a website on your phone or tablet and you had to pinch and swipe on the screen to fit the text and media to a legible size? Or maybe the website gets jumbled up and you can’t read it at all...but on your laptop it looks fine? Maybe the items on the sub-menu can’t be clicked on your phone because you can’t “hover” over a menu item! So frustrating right? Our responsive design (mobile-friendly design) fixes this issue.

Web designers have struggled with a better way of handling this problem since mobile web browsing has become so popular. As a matter of fact, mobile devices account for 60-70% of the traffic to the average website. Early solutions to this issue included deploying a "mobile version" of the website; usually developed on a subdomain of the parent website. This was a clunky solution and caused problems including split-traffic (websites fighting against eachother for Google ranking), duplicate content, browser compatibility issues and limited development of functionality.

Enter the "responsive" website! Responsive websites combine creative CSS and coding to re-arrange the contents of an existing website based on the screensize of the browser that is being used to view the website. This allows the website owner to display their existing website optimized to comfortably fit the screen of the viewer's mobile device. This responsive coding can also transform menus and other selectable items into a mobile-friendly version for ease-of-use.

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