8 Logo Design Mistakes to Avoid
8 Logo Mistakes You Can't Afford To Make

You can't afford to commit any of these eight deadly graphic design sins with your logo. Okay. So maybe "sins" is a little too strong. But these are mistakes that you should avoid if you want your logo to make a professional statement for your business. Some shortcuts and pitfalls can even cost you more money.

SEO Core Content
Core SEO Content

Whether you're a new website owner or have been around website technology for years, the chances are that you've read a bit about Search Engine optimization (SEO). SEO is one of the most desired website skills - yet, for most, SEO remains a slippery mix of UFO conspiracy theories and Bigfoot sightings. Let us help decode the mystery and dig into the core of SEO.

Dangers of DIY Websites

You saw a trendy commercial on YouTube (TV) for building your website. Looks nice. Very clean and...wait...did they say "Free?" Amazing! You saw it on YouTube. How hard can it be, right? Take a minute to read why most DIY websites fail and could even damage your business.