10 Quick Things To Speed Up Your PC Now

10 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

Sitting there just watching the little spinny thing...it can be easy to imagine putting your fist through the poor, innocent monitor. We've all been there. It's ok. Take a deep breath. We've got a few quick things you can do that may help speed up your computer and get you off that ledge.

We've all done it. Our computer freezes up and you give it that look...

Here are a few things you can do to help speed up your computer. You don't even need to be a #geek to do these:

1. Hard Drive Sluggish

Check your hard disk space. Running low on space? Consider running Disk Defragment tool. Or it may be time to move some of your media files to an external drive.

2. Desktop Overload

Organize desktop icons into folders. Remove the shortcuts you no longer need.

3. Hey Tabby...Too Many Tabs

Close unused tabs from your browser. May also need to clear your browser cache and history.

4. Unnecessary Programs

Open the Programs & Apps window. Sort the programs by install date (click on the date column). Look for any programs that were unintentionally installed recently. Uninstall any unused programs.

5. Temporary Files

Manually delete your temporary files from the C drive on your PC. Only delete the files inside the folder - NOT the folder itself.

6. CPU and Memory Hogs

Using CTRL+ALT+Delete (Task Manager), go to the Processes tab. Check for programs that are hogging CPU or memory and close them. Also, check the Startup tab and stop unnecessary programs from automatically launching when your computer boots.

7. Windows Updates

Check Windows Updates for any needed updates to your computer’s software. Install them completely and be sure you're not working on anything important while you do the install - your computer may shut down and restart while these are being installed. The computer will likely need to be restarted after the updates are installed.

8. Overheating CPU

If your computer is to the touch, turn it off and let it cool down. Be sure your computer has adequate ventilation.

9. Build-up Processes & System Files

Always shut down or restart your computer at least once a week. This flushes out all expired processes and freshens up your system resources.

10. Browser Power

Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer can really suck up your system resources. Running additional browser extensions in the background can really make your browser sluggish and even your PC. If your browser is running slow, delete any extensions or plugins you don’t use. If it persists, uninstall and re-install the browser.

BONUS TIP: Download and use CCleaner software on your PC! This is our #1 recommendation for keeping your PC clean and running smoothly. CCLeaner is widely used around the World and highly recommended by thousands of geeks, nerds and gurus.

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