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You’ve got a great product or service but should your business have a Facebook page? Who really reads all that stuff on social media? You might be surprised. Social media isn’t just for keeping up with the family and friends anymore. Find out how to properly mingle in the ever-growing social media world.

So you might have heard Facebook is a big thing. (Your grandmother is probably already on there!) But it isn’t just for sharing funny pictures of kittens or posting what you had for dinner. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses of all kinds. However, not all social media is created equal. You have to consider your audience.

Facebook has blown up the social media world online. According to Statisa, a statistic and studies portal, in 2016 there were 156.5 million Facebook users. And the average time each user spends online is growing by the day.

Without a doubt, every business needs to have a Facebook page. Engaging your Facebook audience (and other social media audiences) is critical. It isn’t enough to have a profile or page for your business. You have to post the right mix of useful information and promotional marketing. Yes. Silence may be golden, but not in social media. Your business needs a voice in the right social networks. As with all social media, not posting often enough or not posting the right mix of engaging content can damage your marketing strategy.

Decide on how to manage your social media. Do you have an employee that is proficient in social media...they can’t put their phone down for five minutes? You’ll need to be able to trust them with your brand and social media passwords. Or you may be able to handle it yourself. If you don’t have that employee or simply don’t have the time to maintain social media, Moxa Media can manage your social media marketing; strategizing social media content, writing original material, sharing engaging content, assisting in creating promotions and even providing monthly analytics so you can review progress. For more information on social media managed by Moxa Media, contact us, and we will offer more details.

If you’re handling your social media yourself or delegating it to an employee, it’s time to make a plan. Select social media channels on which you'd like to advertise. Then decide on what you want to share and how often. I suggest that you open a word processing document and write out your first thirty days of posts. Decide on complimenting images, videos, hyperlinks and other supporting content. Remember that some social media channels have limitations – some limit the number of characters and some limit graphics, i.e., Twitter currently only allows 144 characters of text.

Silence may be golden but not on social media. Your business needs a voice in the right social networks.Tara Ledet, Social Media Guru
You will also need to think about a budget for social media advertising. Most social media channels offer business ads to help you reach a broader more relevant audience. Deciding on what content to use and when to activate ads is part of a marketing strategy. Diligently monitor and measure your analytics and insights. Doing so will ensure advertising remains effective and deliver the best ROI (return on investment). Moxa Media can help with this if you’re in doubt.

I suggest staying at least a month ahead with your social media. But also be sure to stay informed of local news that might be interesting or helpful to your audience. I suggest using a social media management software like Hootsuite.com. This type of management software allows you to write your posts in advance and schedule them to post on your channels at various times.

I highly encourage quick responses to your social media audience – most of them expect you to be online for your regular business hours and when they ask questions (through Facebook Messenger), they’ll be awaiting a speedy reply.

Whatever you do, don’t create a profile page for your business using a “personal profile.” Most social media channels offer a business profile. There is a big difference between a personal and business profile – social media marketing will not be available or useful on a personal account.
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