Should I use WordPress for my business website?
Is WordPress Right For My Business?

If you're looking for the best type of website technology for your business, you're likely considering the most popular website platform on the internet...WordPress. In this article, we discuss the top website features offered by WordPress and which factors to consider before you install WordPress for your business website. If you want to know if Wordpress is right for your business, read on.

Is WordPress Right For My Business?

WordPress was originally made popular by weekend bloggers but now is currently one of the most popular website platforms on the World Wide Web. According to, the powerful platform is responsible for 30% of all websites currently online. That would be over 300 million websites if you were keeping count!

What is WordPress?

WordPress is an open source content management system (CMS). Many bloggers and web developers use this website platform for its ease of use, powerful widgets and countless design themes. The core platform is very flexible and seasoned web developers can easily customize it to suit their needs. Amateur bloggers can also choose from ready-made templates called themes. Themes are widely available – some are free and some have a price tag of $30 to $150.

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Like most CMS platforms, WordPress offers content editing via an online administrator user interface (commonly called the “control panel” or “backend”). The backend allows WordPress authors to log into the website directly to make changes and updates to the website without the need for additional software. Freedom from HTML editors and web creation software is an attractive feature for CMS users because it allows the user the ability to edit their website from almost any device with an internet connection – I’ve used my smartphone to edit a website on the side of the highway!

What is a WordPress Widget?

What is a WordPress Widget

A widget is a tool that creates a specific block of content (textual or visual) to be used on a web page. Widgets are commonly standalone modules that work independently to generate a specific design or function. For example, when calling for a tag cloud widget on a page, the widget will generate a group of tags to display in that specific section for the parameters defined within the widget.

WordPress comes standard with several widgets to generate design and textual elements throughout your website. In most cases, the widgets can simply be dragged and dropped on the web pages. Widgets are not to be confused with plugins. We’ll dive into plugins and advanced features in an advanced WordPress article a little later.

Here’s What WordPress Does Well

WordPress is a great blogging tool, but also has many powerful features that make it the “Swiss Army Knife” of web platforms. Here are the top six things that WordPress does very well:

  1. Responsive Design
    The responsive design feature allows your content to be viewed at the ideal width and size to match the viewer’s device. No pinching and sliding to view content. The content will usually be in one single column for most mobile devices.
  2. Powerful Content Management
    Your WordPress website media, content and code are organized in nice, neat directories. This type of CMS organization makes it easier for search engines to crawl your website. Google has become quite fond of the WordPress file structure.
  3. Tight Security Features
    Security is a major factor in website development. WordPress has one of the strongest, most secure core security out of all the CMS platforms. In addition to the standard WP security features, there are third-party security plugins as well.
  4. Easy Admin & Author Access
    The WP backend is pretty simple to use, even for a beginner. On the left panel, you’ll find most of the tools. Widgets are usually drag-and-drop onto pages. Standard features and UI design have been very consistent over the last several years.
  5. Automatic CMS Updates
    Keeping the core CMS platform updated is a breeze with WordPress. Core installation stays up-to-date automatically using Cron Jobs. Automatic updates are extremely handy for those less tech-savvy WordPress administrators.
  6. Well Marketed Brand
    The WordPress community has done an outstanding job of marketing the WordPress brand. WordPress is now a “household name” in the web design industry. Other big brands (such as Vogue) have adopted WP as their choice in website

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Here’s What WordPress Does Not Do Well

WordPress works fairly well out of the box for most basic users. However, some features are lacking in this luxury CMS platform. Here are the top six things WordPress does NOT do well:

  1. Search Engine Optimization
    SEO is vital for any website that wants to perform well in search engines like Google. While WordPress offers some basic parameters for SEO use, it offers very little guidance on proper SEO best practices. Beginners could misconfigure parameters, and the search rankings will suffer.
  2. E-Commerce Functionality
    Out-of-the-box, WordPress does not offer e-commerce features. If you plan to build an online shop to sell products or services, you’ll need to install additional features or plugins to support your e-commerce store.
  3. Complex Design Structure
    While the design structure is very flexible, you’ll need a bit of HTML, CSS and possibly a little PHP experience if you plan to design your theme completely from scratch. Using a pre-made template can weaken your brand.
  4. Lack of Techincal Support
    Like most other open source CMS platforms, WordPress depends on a community forum for support issues. You will basically be posting your issue as a topic in a sea of other topics and awaiting the assistance of a fellow community member.
  5. Weak or Inaccurate Documentation
    Some very talented volunteers and staff build the development of the WordPress core. Often this means that new releases will not have very accurate or robust documentation. White papers for WordPress need to change with each new release, and this rarely happens.
  6. Use of Conflicting Plugins
    Searching through the 45,000 plus available plugins, it may seem tempting to install the coolest ones. However, a different developer offers each plugin, and many of the plugins are not compatible with each other. The mixture of incompatible-plugin-overload can cause functionality problems, broken web pages, corrupt database or even destroy WordPress installation core.

Is WordPress Right For Your Business?

If your website is generating a lot of textual content (i.e., blog, book or publication), we recommend WordPress. If the core of your content will not be updated often, you can still use WordPress but we would recommend considering other web platforms. If you've decided to go with WordPress, you still have a few choices to make:

  • • “Out-of-the-Box” WordPress: You can use a basic WordPress installation if you are not interested in selling products or services directly on your website and your success does not depend on organic search engine rankings. We would suggest that you keep it simple and not install too many plugins – this will also make it easier to maintain.
  • • WordPress Template: You can use a pre-made WordPress theme. We do not recommend using free themes, however. Free themes can sometimes include malicious code, hidden links or even hacking gateways. We do recommend purchasing a theme from a trusted provider such as You may still have issues with updates as not all theme designers update their themes – when WordPress core updates, this can cause your theme to break or not display properly.
  • • Hire A Professional WordPress Developer: Moxa Media can custom design a WordPress theme for you to include all the features you need, ensure your website is search engine optimized and even offer you end-user support. Our WordPress maintenance options can keep your website updated, grow your textual content with fresh topics and keep your WordPress running without security issues.

A Note To The Shop Owners

Selling products on a WordPress platform isn’t impossible. However, Moxa Media usually recommends e-commerce platforms such as PrestaShop. Actual e-commerce platforms, such as PrestaShop, will offer you more robust shop features, sales reports, logistics and trusted payment gateways.

Not sure if WordPress is right for you? Send us a quick message or give us a call. We’re always happy to help business owners! We also offer a FREE consultation where we can help determine the right website platform for your business.

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If you are not using the latest version of WordPress, your website may be vulnerable to security attacks, malware, spam attacks or an increased likelihood of WordPress software fracture (when the CMS breaks, and administrator control panel cannot be accessed).

If you cannot access your WordPress administrator control panel, please email Moxa Media at, and we will be happy to take a look at your issue.

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