Dangers of DIY Websites

You saw a trendy commercial on YouTube (TV) for building your website. Looks nice. Very clean and...wait...did they say "Free?" Amazing! You saw it on YouTube. How hard can it be, right? Take a minute to read why most DIY websites fail and could even damage your business.

There are lots of providers out there that offer DIY (Do It Yourself) website templates and services. As with all business expenses, it’s important to weigh the cost with the reward. Using a DIY website can be a cheap way to get a website online. However, a closer evaluation will reveal that all DIY websites have disadvantages.

Are You The Business Owner? Stay That Way.

Searching for the right domain can be difficult. Many of the best domains in the English language have already been snatched up or they are owned by ruthless, money-hungry domain brokers. So when you find the right combination, you have to register it FAST. I don't want to get too technical here but here is how domain registration works (without diving too far into the details of domain "ownership"). When you purchase a domain from an online domain host (called a registrar), you become the domain "owner." As the domain owner, you have rights to use the domain in accordance with ICANN (a.k.a. internet police) regulations and rules. You can transfer the domain to any registrar you choose. Many of the DIY website builders will offer you a "free" or "included" domain name. Great! We love free! Unfortunately, when you attempt to transfer that domain to a reliable hosting provider, you are at the mercy of those crooks...erm...DIY web builders. In other words, they can hold your domain name hostage and try to force you to remain a slave to their services. This can damage your brand and you could potentially lose your precious domain.

If this is happening to you, there is hope. You can file a complaint with ICANN. ICANN will investigate the registrar and your claim. You can also contact Moxa Media at 985-685-0732 and we may be able to help you with your claim. If you are looking for a great web hosting and domain registrar, we do suggest Blue Host - call us and we can help you make the right purchase decision based on your development needs.

Avoid Hours of Frustration

It’s important to know what you’re good at. If you’re not a web developer, it may not be in your best interest to try to complete a web developer’s job. Most of the DIY website sources boast of being “easy to use” or “just drag and drop.” But the truth is, to get a website that looks like the design in your brain onto the computer monitor it is usually not something drag and drop tasks can support. Not to mention, you’ll need the website to function. You could spend hours trying to get the website to look just right and end up with a website that is “almost what I wanted.” Other times you could end up with a website that doesn’t provide you the functionality you need. Chances are, you’re spending quality time that would be better spent doing your “real job.” Who’s selling your products or services while you’re trying to be a web designer? Let our experienced web developers build the perfect site for you while you do what you’re good at.

Paying For "Free Website"

More than 75% of websites built using wix.com and squarespace.com are turned over to an experienced web developer, and another 10% are simply abandoned before completion or within two months. Why? This failure happens mostly because web development should be customized for your business. An experienced web designer is required to help plan, strategize, develop and deploy an effective website. Experienced web developers customarily charge additional fees for completing a website that was started on a DIY provider because DIY coding can restrict a real web developer from solving design and functionality problems. While you might think you’re getting a great “Free Website,” you will likely pay for essential features or to have it fixed/finished.

I once had a client that started their website project with Wix.com. The website was looking great until they started testing the contact form. The form was not working right. The client contacted Wix and they offerred to fix the issue for $199. This "free website" wasn't so free anymore. The frustrated client contacted me and I discovered that the contact form code had been hacked. Not only was the form information not being delivered, but the submitted data was being collected by a hacker!Mark Miller
Errors, Limitations and Restrictions

Many of the so-called “FREE DIY Website” dealers actually have strict limitations. These limitations can be in the form of limited design resources, limited server space, restrictive URL’s, limited plugins/widgets or even limited web traffic! They hope to have you invest your valuable time into a website with them and then pay for additional services. Avoid this waste of time by hiring an experienced web developer to evaluate your needs and design a website that both meets your current requirements as well as accommodate your future growth.

Your Website Is Hacked

Many of these DIY web companies provide the server space to host your website. Your website would be hosted on a server with hundreds or thousands of other sites. If just one of those websites gets hacked, it can cause search engines to flag the entire server, resulting in your website and emails being flagged as spam or blacklisted from the search engine altogether. It has also been reported that some DIY websites are more vulnerable to being hacked based on weakness in the actual DIY coding and lack of security measures. Moxa Media dedicates a server space to your website; this allows us to custom build the server for your website and maintain tighter security controls.

Avoid SEO Disaster

Most DIY web providers offer some form of basic SEO (search engine optimization) features. All of the SEO features they offer have one huge disadvantage; they do not keep up with the ever-evolving trends of Google. This gap in practice is because it is impossible to design the perfect SEO tools (tailored to every industry) that evolve with Google. Google is the world’s largest and most used search engine. Google will remain on top because they are continually updating algorithms to accommodate its audiences’ search behaviors. In essence, SEO techniques should constantly change to compensate and satisfy the standards of Google’s data-hungry algorithms. A constant change of this nature would mean that a DIY web dealer would need to update their SEO features at least once per month for every type of industry website in order to merely maintain essential SEO features.

Successful search engine optimization can only be accomplished by an experienced web developer who is educated on Google code standards and industry-based, human search behaviors. We can then plan your SEO based on your content, deploy successful SEO techniques and maintain your SEO regularly. You can’t merely “install SEO” and then never touch it again. Setting SEO goals and conversion goals then monitoring the analytical data is the only way to maintain successful SEO.

Don't get tangled up with a Do-It-Yourself nightmare! Contact Moxa Media and let a real friendly, real person chat with you about your ideal professional website. Call 225-395-4012 to schedule your free consult today!

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