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It isn’t enough to simply publish a website online anymore. Most web visitors will use a search engine to find businesses offering the products and services they are looking for. Will your website be listed on the search engine? If so, will it be buried under your competition? This is why SEO (search engine optimization) and effective SEM (search engine marketing) are so important. Moxa Media ensures that your website will have the proper combination of SEO and you the advantage over your competition.

I was shocked at how well my site performed after Moxa Media configured search engine optimization and marketing for me. Not only am I showing on the first page but I am listed several times on the FIRST PAGE!

Doug Thorne,

Search engine optimization isn’t a magic wand for getting listed first on search engines. There are no “tricks to get listed first on Google!” It is all about utilizing knowledge of search engine rankings to best organize, tag and setup the content (pictures, text, video and audio) on your website. This is firstly done with the objective of making the content on your site more useful for visitors. Secondly, content needs to be neatly and systematically organized in a fashion that makes it easy for search engines to categorize and search (crawl) the content. Moxa Media has proven techniques for optimizing content organically.

Search engine marketing can range from PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, social media blasts and a number of paid online marketing. SEM is a great way to boost your traffic to your website when done correctly. An effective content strategy must be developed for converting a browsing patron to a paying customer. This is achieved by focusing on keywords, key phrases and corresponding website content – leading the visitor to buy your products or services. These can and should be coordinated with sales promotions and specials to increase the ROI (return on investment). An improperly planned SEM campaign can cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars with little or no return.

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