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Responsive Web Design

responsive website designHave you ever visited a website on your smart device and you had to pinch and swipe on the screen to fit the text and media to a legible size? Or maybe the website gets jumbled up and you can’t read it at all...but on your laptop it looks fine? Maybe the items on the sub-menu can’t be clicked on your phone because you can’t “hover” over a menu item! So frustrating right? Responsive website design solves this problem with some added benefits!

Responsive websites use styling that detects the screen width of the viewing device and adjusts the styling to best fit the width of your screen. In addition, other styling can be used to show special features for smartphone users, easy navigation and menu features and other touchscreen functions. Our responsive websites are also designed to meet Google’s standards for a “mobile-friendly website.” No need to have a separate website for mobile devices!