CMS Framework

Moxa Media only uses the latest releases for WordPress, Drupal, MotoCMS, PrestaShop and Joomla! These CMS (content management system) framework softwares are licensed under Open Source. This means that our developers are free to update, modify or reconfigure the core software as well as write custom programming for the software. This sets Moxa Media apart from our competition. We are not bound by software limitations or licensing. During your consultation, we can help you determine custom features for your website and include them in your website development!

DID YOU KNOW? A major benefit to CMS is that it organizes content, streamlines editing and can help assist search engines to find and index your content easily.

CMS makes editing easy. No really. It is easy. Most of the content management systems that we use have a built in text editor that looks much like Microsoft Word. No need to know complicated HTML coding in order to put your text in bold or even add an image. Content can be edited quickly and easily right on the live website! No additional software is needed. So you can make fast website corrections from any computer (or smart device) with an internet connection. Best of all...we offer training with your website development.

preview of a CMS editing toolbar